FCU 2016 Used Soccer Equipment Drive Follow Up




Jacob Holroyd, one of our Boys U13 Select 2 players who is currently playing for our 2003 Premier Red team, and his Mom, Vera organized our first FC United Used Soccer Equipment Drive this past June on Uniform Day! They were both inspired to make a difference during one of their family trips to Central America where they observed kids playing soccer, barefoot and with a ball made of tied up plastic bags. When Jacob saw this, he said that he would never care about the color of his cleats again.

While Vera and Jacob were busy at work for Get!Give!Go!, we found out that another one of our parents, Gina Holton, was also looking help collect used soccer equipment so they started working together to support two different organizations. 

We teamed up with Get!Give!Go! and Hot Futbol to help children in other countries less fortunate enjoy recycled soccer balls, running shoes, cleats and team uniforms.

Get!Give!Go collects used items from over twenty local grammar and high schools, colleges, teams and retail stores and ship these items to Africa, Tanzania, Haiti, Uganda, Costa Rica, Mexico and other deserving countries.

Hot Futbol is dedicated to bringing organized soccer to urban communities in Haiti with a parallel emphasis on community development and sustainability. Using soccer as a medium to address community needs provides both the opportunity for play and the chance to develop skills of communication, leadership, goal setting, discipline and being a contributing member of a larger community.

We were able to gather shorts, jerseys, socks, shin guards, cleats, water bottles, soccer balls, cones and whistles that will be sent to Mexico to Get!Give!Go and Haiti to Hot Futbol!  

Thank you, FCU families for making our first Donation Drive such a success! Your contributions will go a long way to helping the children and families of less privileged communities who share our passion for soccer. We are looking forward to having our next Donation Drive be bigger and better. Stay tuned for more details to come.





Page Last Updated 9/27/2016